What the F*ck Is a Lithographer

Why still rely on lithographers when there are smarter and more efficient solutions available? Why you should ditch the 80s & embrace the future!

Don’t Start With Design

The traditional design-first approach ignores the most important aspect: the content. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between content-driven and design-driven layouts.

3 levels of AI integration

Discover the 3 levels of AI integration and how they can help you streamline your content creation process. From basic API integration to implementing your own machine learning models.

8 reasons not to work with us

Innovation content automation

Implementing change is not a straightforward or easy process. To avoid disappointment on both sides we listed the 8 main reasons not to work with us.

You should give a DAM

Garbage DAM system innovation automation content

Validation of assets give value to your DAM system. When you know all assets in your DAM system are within your standards (re)using them is easy.