We are passionate about the things we do. We have worked for the largest and smallest companies. But not every customer is a good match for us. Implementing change is not a straightforward or easy process. To avoid disappointment on both sides we listed the 8 main reasons why you should not to work with us:
8 reasons not to work with us

1. You believe that your business is already equipped to handle future challenges and do not see a need for any significant changes

2. You are hesitant to make changes because you believe it would be difficult for your organisation to adjust to them.

3. There is a lack of full commitment within your organisation and you don’t (want to) have a designated change manager present

4. You have a resistance to taking action or putting in effort, and prefer to remain idle.

5. You prefer to have someone who always agrees with you and don’t want to be challenged or criticised.

6. You desire a ready-made, quick solution rather than something tailored to your specific needs or problems.

7. You prefer to make a large initial investment rather than paying on a usage basis.

8. You anticipate that after our work is done, your staff and organisation will remain unchanged and will not require any restructuring.

If, after reading the information above, you believe you have a strong idea and are interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to reach out to contact us.

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