We love complex challenges

We are on top of the latest technologies and tools in relation to content and publishing. Driven by our professional technological knowledge and years of experience in data intelligence we bridge tools and tasks to design solutions that suit your organization and challenges. The more complex your challenge, the more exciting for us.



Meet our core team


Change Analysis

I love to simplify complex graphic processes. I really get triggered when someone tells me “it’s good because we have been doing it like that for years now”. You can call me super lazy but I simply hate repetitive tasks and always look for ways to prevent them.

I’m a bachelor in IT and in the graphics industry for over 25 years. I have a very deep knowledge of the tools and processes used in this industry like content creation, digital design, color management, image processing, workflow management and pdf standards. 


Solutions Development

Programming is a craft, just like creating sports cars. You can have the latest one off the assembly line, with all the goodies, but the real special ones are the one-of-a-kind. My input makes you have real fun driving, and if something breaks, I know how to fix it.

I have two decades of programming development experience, starting from my own small projects to architecting quite sizable business systems. Whether it’s with a small team or a big project, I always care about the end result and getting the details right. I am a specialist in telecommunications by education. DTP is my heritage and years of experience, and web programming is a passion. And I quite like JavaScript too.


Customer Journey

I assist customers with the implementation of our smart solutions. In addition, I explain the use of our software through online training and I am the first point of contact for questions. My skills like thinking in processes and being able to analyze problems and convert them into simple explanations for end-users come in handy. Within Q-Solutions you can see me as the link between the end user and our teams of software developers.

I have a broad knowledge of graphic processes and know all the ins and outs of traditional printing techniques such as sheetfed and web offset. I have also started to specialize in the digital processes required prior to the printing process. This includes an ongoing focus on multi-channel content publishing.

The future of content is structured

We believe that in order to stay relevant in this fast paced, data-driven world,  organizations should dare to change their processes to a structured and optimized way of working. Redesigning and simplifying processes can improve quality, reduce costs and make sure that content professionals can focus on the things that really matter to them.