AI text writing technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The innovative chatbots are being used for various purposes. From teens who are finding ways to let it do their homework, to professionals using it to create their landing page briefs. We also see plenty of possibilities and benefits for publishers and list three reasons to start implementing this technology today. 

ChatGPT is the most well known AI text writer. It is trained on a large dataset of text, and can generate new text that is similar to the text it has seen before. This means that it can answer questions, carry out simple conversations, and even write short stories and articles. It’s not a human, but it can mimic human-like language, and it can be integrated into various applications. ChatGPT has many potential uses in areas such as natural language processing, customer service, and content creation – this explanation was written by ChatGPT itself. It is expected that content creators will increasingly rely on AI text writing tools to help them produce high-quality content more efficiently. We believe it can benefit publishers in three ways.

Three ways publishers can benefit from AI textwriters

1. Automation
AI writing can help publishers save time and resources by automating tasks such as data entry and content creation. For example, it can write a draft text based on a few keywords and automatically translate to any language. This frees up time and resources for more important tasks.

2. Personalisation
AI writing can be used to personalise content and recommendations for individual readers, which can lead to increased engagement. It can automatically rewrite the text in a tone of voice suitable for skaters, children or elderly.

3. Elevation
AI writing can analyse large amounts of data and provide insights and recommendations, which can help publishers make informed decisions about their content and marketing strategies. For example, it can finetune future content based on your audience and use the tone of voice which is most to their liking.

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