Is your DAM system just a pile of random assets? Most companies who use a DAM system think it solves all their asset problems. But in practice we see that most of the time it is being used as an alternative for a shared hard drive. A missed opportunity, because validating assets can improve the usability and integration in all your processes. Luckily, we can help you with that.
Garbage in = garbage out

The benefit of a well-organized DAM system is that all asets are reusable and the results will always be up to standard. Unfortunately, the benefits are not always reaped because often such systems being used as a large bin. For example: we often find EPS and PS files (a format from the 80’s of the last century), images with watermarks, and illustrations without fonts embedded. When using these images in publications, of course the output will be disappointing, and people have to put in time and effort into getting everything up to par.

You should give a DAM

We therefore believe assets should be validated and checked against the company’s policy. To get assets with the desired file format, version, color space, resolution, etcetera. In that way you can assure that everybody can (re)use them and get the correct result. We can help you restructure your systems and create a workflow suitable for your organization, so your content is future proof!

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