Automatic Web Versions of Images

This solution automatically transforms print-processed images into web-ready formats, eliminating the endless cycle of resizing and reformatting.

Automatic Image Processing

Yellow camera on solid yellow background

Our innovative solution simplifies image management by eliminating manual tasks that were time-consuming and error-prone.

InCopy Meets

Collaborate seamlessly on complex projects with this InCopy integration in Streamline communication and efficiency.

On-page todo’s

With a simple point and click on the position on the page that needs to be changed users can create, assign, forward and close todo’s. This way everybody is always on the same page – literally.

Pinboard with technical problem detection

innovation solution automation print content magazine digital flatplan

No need for a printed flat plan on the wall. We created a digital pinboard to see the status of articles and advertisements. So everybody can stay up to date, wherever they are. 

Expert system for print ready pdf’s

This expert system makes any file print-ready at the push of a button. Pages no longer need to go through a specialist for technical checks and adjustments, leaving designers more time.