Print ready pdf’s on the fly. For a magazine we developed a super easy expert system that makes any file print-ready at the push of a button. Pages no longer need to go through a specialist for technical checks and adjustments, leaving designers more time for the deadline. This makes the process very flexible and efficient.

Discussions with designers revealed that at the end of the process – when there is already the necessary stress to meet a deadline – specialists have to perform a number of actions to make the file technically ready for the printer. They had to manually check and export the files, and identify and adjust technical problem manually. This took a lot of time and thus also created additional pressure for the designers because the deadline for this check had to be moved forward. Couldn’t this be done smarter?

We developed an expert system that detects and solves all possible problems so that each file automatically meets all these requirements. Super fast and automatically. All a designer has to do is create a PDF of the design and submit it to the expert system. Within seconds, the designer receives the print-ready version of the file.

Next we build a pinboard on top of this.

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