Live Data Ecosystems: Beyond Copy-Paste

content automation

We are working on a revolutionary ecosystem where databases and InDesign documents are not just connected but seamlessly integrated, updating in real time.

Iterative Templating

Transform templates into evolving, adaptable starting points. This empower designers to stay true to their vision while enhancing efficiency.

Simplifying Multilingual Productions

Creating and maintaining multilingual products can be a daunting task. We are developing a solution to make this process easier and more efficient.

Customized Approval Workflows

Collaboration Made Simple. We are working on the possibility of incorporating external individuals into the approval process, making communication more efficient and transparent than ever before.

Linking product database to Indesign document

Merge Indesign and external data sources, which allows our customers to easily create and edit InDesign documents based on selected products, pulling in the corresponding images and prices from their product database and digital asset management system. This solution is dynamic and bi-directional, meaning that changes to product prices will be reflected in the InDesign […]

Automatic resolution improvement

image resolution automatic publishing AI

New AI techniques can automatically enlarge images that are too small so they can be used for any output. We are currently working on solutions that integrate this technique into your content process.