At our lab, we’re always pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box to find better solutions for our customers. We are working on the possibility of incorporating external individuals into the approval process for articles, eliminating the need for a separate, third-party solution for external approval. This innovative approach allows each story to have its own custom approval process, making communication more efficient and transparent than ever.

Traditionally, companies have had to rely on third-party solutions for external approvals. But with our new approach, we’re integrating external individuals directly into the approval process for articles, eliminating the need for a separate system altogether.

Publication solutions we created are already heavily used by internal users as a central point of communication. Projects are made up of sub-projects, known as stories, each of which has its own workflow, status, and communication (referred to as “todos”). We’re taking it to the next level by allowing each story to have its own custom approval process.

When it’s time for approval, approvers receive an email invitation to review a specific story. They simply click a unique link directing them to a dedicated web app where they can view the latest version of the story and either approve it or reject it with a reason why, by adding a todo. The result is immediately visible in the publication solution, ensuring everyone involved is always on the same page. This approval process can be sequential (e.g. John first, then Paul) or simultaneous (e.g. requiring approval from both John and Paul). Making sure that the story is only published when approved.

This automated process ensures that approvers have convenient access to the necessary information. In the web app they will see the latest (up to date) version of the story and can approve it or reject and tell the reason why by adding a todo. Wether it is approved or rejected, the result is immediately visible for everyone involved, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent creating and uploading approval files to a third-party solution. This means more time for designers to bring their creative vision to life! We can’t wait to bring this idea into reality.

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