Merge Indesign and external data sources, which allows our customers to easily create and edit InDesign documents based on selected products, pulling in the corresponding images and prices from their product database and digital asset management system. This solution is dynamic and bi-directional, meaning that changes to product prices will be reflected in the InDesign document in real-time.

The content director can define the layout of the document and choose the number of products to include on the page or page part. They can then easily search for and select products, which will be added to the layout with their corresponding images and prices pulled in from external data sources. The InDesign document can then be downloaded by the designer and modified to their liking, while still maintaining the link to the product data.

This streamlined approach streamlines the product selection, image and price retrieval process, and ensures that communication about product prices is always up-to-date. It’s an innovative solution that will save our customers time and effort in their workflow.

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